Painting Cabin #1 : an investment in the future

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, we unveiled late april 2017 our first spray painting cabin. Dedicated to this constant evolution of the company, this cabin is the concretization of a long term project and open a new era of services. Designed by a well known European company, this state of the art painting tunnel is 21 meters long, 7 meters width & height, matches to receiving your biggest realizations.

The intermediate automatic door allows to split the cabin in 2 separates ones allowing the application of two different systems simultaneously always with optimal conditions allowed by temperature controlled spray painting and the energy efficient “natural day light” LED system. It is even possible to spraying on one side and drying on the other side of the cabin!

The cabin is equipped with two hydraulic manlift, 3 axis, allowing painters to reach high points securely and a fully equipped dedicated lab for painting preparation