Prior to any treatment on a surface, you have to prepare it to eliminate dust, rust, oxide corrosion products. Sand blasting or grit steel blasting creates a roughness state helping the anti corrosion system to last


Your materials deserve the protection that fit their needs so we apply a large variety of coatings from the best manufacturers

Special coatings

Our large scale of special coatings cover your needs : zinc based, high temperatures, foodstuffs or intumescent we have the solution

And more

Anti corrosion expertise

Whatever your needs are, we will bring our expertise and our knowledge to find THE best solution to protecting your realizations


Save time and ship your coated realizations right from our workshops using sea transport. Our trained shipping team will packs significant irons on burden maintained by U irons and threaded rods, full boxes for small parts and fasteners, seaworthy packaging for fragile items and drafting packing lists


Once your order is realized, our shipping team packs it up in the state of the art to ensure a safe and relevant travel

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About us

Founded in 1969 at St Rémy sur Orne, the Métallisation du Val d’Orne (MVO) moved in 1973 to its current location at Blainville sur Orne, close to the Caen-Ouistreham harbour, France’s 10th port.

During all these years we have acquired expertise and competences to offer state of the art application of a large variety coating solutions.

In addition, we are a member of well known organizations providing painting system warranties.

And last but not least, our close relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers give us the ability to offer the latest coating solutions with a workforce trained to these latest techniques.

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